Where can I buy a pure water window cleaning setup in Canada? October 06 2016

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If you've ever asked your self, "Where can I buy a pure water window cleaning setup in Canada?" you are lucky in that you've landed on the best source for all your window cleaning needs. Here at theWindowCleaningStore.com, we have several pure water systems and water fed poles to choose from. Better than that, we also have actual experience cleaning with pure water out in the field so we will be able to give you loads of advice as you start up your water fed service.

The first thing you are going to need to think about before purchasing a set up is how frequently you'll need to use your system, the water quality in your area and to what height do you plan on cleaning the majority of time. If you don't know what the water quality is in your area, you can call up your local city/township and ask what the TDS (total dissolved solids) level is in your area. You want to know the number in ppm's (part per million) In Toronto we have an average TDS level of 160 ppm's. This gives us an idea on the mineral content in the water. It's the minerals in the water that will cause spots on the glass so this is the purpose of a pure water system. The lower the TDS level, the less chance of spotting. 000 ppm's is most ideal but many will clean with tds levels as high as 015-020 ppm.

What your TDS level is in your area in combination with how often you plan on cleaning with your setup will be used to determine what type of pure water system you should  buy. For areas with soft water (TDS less than 100 ppm's) or for those not requiring to use their system daily, a DI system may fit the bill. A DI system uses charged mixed bed resin beads to attract minerals in the water. It holds them back and allows only pure water to be released. But, it will only do this for a limited time. The lower the incoming water's TDS level, the longer the DI resin will last. Di systems like the Unger Hydropower usually starts at around $500. Replacement resin bags at $85 a pop. And like I said, if you live in a low TDS area or only plan to use your system occasionally, DI is the way to go.

The other style of system, a multi stage system usually has an RO (reverse osmosis membrane) that will remove up to 95-98% of the impurities before it even hits the DI. These systems will also have a sediment filter, carbon filter (or combined sediment filter/carbon filter) to block chlorine which is harmful to RO membranes and any physical particles in the water, down to about 5 microns. RO/DI multi stage systems cost a fair bit more than DI systems but will produce pure what at a much cheaper rate. Down to about 3-4 cents a gallon. Luckily the RO membrane usually lasts a few years (depending on usage, incoming water quality, and care). In recent years the Wash-iT Pro and Tucker RO/DI cart have become quite popular. As they arrive to you, they are capable of supplying one water fed pole up to 3 stories on average. To operate a second pole off these system or to reach 4, 5 or 6 stories, you will also need a booster pump to go before the RO.

Water fed poles come in a wide variety from aluminum, fibreglass, hybrid (mixed fibreglass and carbon fibre), full carbon fibre and High Modulus carbon fibre. Price ranges go from a few hundred to a few thousand depending on the length of the pole and quality of build material. The carbon and high modulus carbon fibre poles cost the most but their value comes from their stiffness and light weight. A pole that is easier to operate will always pay for itself through more productivity.

To assist you even further, we have collected a series of videos from different sources that will help you get your mind around the techniques needed to achieve spot free results in your pure water window cleaning. https://www.thewindowcleaningstore.com/pages/how-to-clean-with-pure-water-and-water-fed-poles

 Feel free to talk to Mark from The Window Cleaning about all your water fed questions and he'll be happy to assist you. Thanks for stopping by.

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