Ryan Cochrane of Peak Property reviews The Window Cleaning Store March 16 2020

Thank you Ryan for this wonderful review and I wish you continued success in your business.

Hey, my name is Ryan Cochrane and I run a window cleaning business named Peak Property in Ottawa, Ontario. I wanted to share how the Beautiful View has helped me grow my small business, from a summer job to a city wide cleaning business over the past 8 years.

I got started in the window cleaning business 8 years ago and the Beautiful View window cleaning store was an important support from the very start. Even before I had ever purchased anything from Beautiful View, I consumed all of Mark’s training videos on the window cleaning basics and took this information with me to my first few customers.

Once I was ready to purchase some equipment, Mark was always willing to jump on the phone with me and answer any questions I might have. You could tell he genuinely cared about me succeeding in the window cleaning business and it wasn’t just about selling more product.

If anyone reading this is thinking about starting a window cleaning business in Canada, one of our biggest obstacles is getting equipment and supplies that are only made in the US. Most dealers from the US just simply won’t ship to Canada. The Beautiful View has made getting that equipment so much easier. You only need to give Mark a call and let him know what you are looking for and he takes care of the rest.

Another benefit to working with the Beautiful View is the ongoing support they provide. It doesn’t matter if you have some questions about your new water fed pole or you’re on the job and run into something you haven’t seen before. Mark and his team are always there to support you.

Over the years Mark has helped Peak Property  grow from just me to a team of 3 window cleaners. We can’t thank the Beautiful View Window Cleaning Store enough for all the support they have provided us.

Happy Window Cleaning!