Canadian Window Cleaners On Facebook August 12 2014

Are you a window cleaner or window cleaning business owner in Canada? Do you spend anytime online researching and networking with other window cleaners and businesses. If you do then you're probably one step ahead of your competition.

The only downside to these resources is that most of the information and interaction is coming from outside of Canada. Example: how can a contractor in southern California advise you on the best way to clean gutters in late December in Canada? Or what is the value of of using OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) as our safety and labour guide when we have our own specific laws in Canada as well as province to province?

The good news is that there is now a Canadian Window Cleaners Group on Facebook where you can discuss and network with other Canadian contractors such as yourself. This is a closed group and only members can see posts and discussion. The good news is that any window cleaner or window cleaning business owner can join free and participate or just observe.

I certainly hope you will join us online and I look forward to sharing info and networking with you.

Click here to join.


Mark Strange