Fix this common window cleaner injury - Tennis Elbow January 04 2023

Hello to all you window cleaners out there. Happy New Year 2023!

If any of you have been cleaning windows for some time or are starting to get up there in years, you may have noticed this common pain creep up on you. It is usually a form of elbow pain and with us window cleaners it's almost always the outer elbow that begins to hurt. This condition is called tennis elbow. 

Tennis elbow comes about because of either a repetitive strain to the forearm muscles, over use or simply by gripping your tool handles too tight. As a result, you get muscle knots and even adhesions (scar tissue buildup) on the forearm muscles.

Below, I have provided a video guide on how to start treating this condition before the alternatives...seeing your doctor or taking pain meds. With self directed massage therapy and muscle strengthening techniques, you can make sure you'll be working pain free for many years to come.