• Moerman Liquidator, Excelerator, F*LIQ Pad, Side Kit Pouch, Snapper handle
  • Best price you'll find for fishscale window cleaning detailing cloths
  • gutter cleaning tools eavestrough
  • hose fitting water fed tubing valves
  • Ladder safety equipment


Window Cleaning Supplies - Toronto, Canada. (We also ship to USA)

Hello and welcome to The Window Cleaning Store.

We are Canada's most helpful window cleaning equipment supplier; having been window cleaners ourselves. 

Let us put the right tools in your hands.

We are located at 1805 Wilson Ave Unit #107, Toronto, On M9M 1A2

Our phone number is 416-748-9393

Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 8am-5:00pm (eastern time)

Canada Window Cleaning tools

Conveniently located in the front of Jiffy Storage

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