Window Cleaning Tools. Where do we go from here? September 23 2013

The modern day squeegee was invented in 1936 by Ettore Steccone and since then there have been several improvements including the '2-in-1' tools such as Unger's Visa Versa, Ettore's Backflip and Wagtail's Flippers/Combi's. And of course pure water and waterfed poles for exteriors. We also have tools that swivel or reach over deep ledges. Still, most squeegees bought today don't look all that different from Ettore's original design.

So the question is, "have we seen the last of window cleaning tool innovation?" There have been some other twists in window cleaning tools such as the Karcher Vacuum Squeegee but most products like these come off more as late night infomercial gimmicks.

The successfulness of any new product is usually based on its effectiveness to solve problems or improve performance. Most would admit that the original Ettore design is really hard to improve upon. But still, look at YouTube or any popular window cleaning forum and you'll spot window cleaner DIY'ers posting daily on their latest innovations.

So again I ponder, "can existing window cleaning tools really be improved upon?"


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