Australian Squeegee (The Wagtail) At The Window Cleaning Store September 18 2013

If you take a look at the majority of window cleaning squeegees available, you will notice that not much has changed in the basic design over the last number decades. However, Wagtail Pivoting Tools out of Australia has been manufacturing state of the art, wash and squeegee combination tools for a number of years.

Unlike many squeegee handles, the Wagtail has a constant 'loose' pivot setup allowing you to easily fan/swirl a window or reach at awkward angles. It's also quite superior when it comes to pole work. 

Although not too popular in Canada...yet, it has been gaining in popularity across Europe, Asia and the US markets. Now it is being sold in Canada by The Window Cleaning Store where Mark The Window Cleaner is eager to show you all the different models of Wagtail gear and how best to use them.

Drop by The Window Cleaning Store or view our Videos section for more information on the line of Wagtail Pivoting Tools.

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