Spring is almost here! March 05 2014

Well March has certainly come in like a lion, so out like a lamb, right?

Many in the window cleaning industry predict that there will be a mad rush once the weather turns. Are you ready for the onslaught? What does it mean to be ready anyways? There's a lot more to operating a window cleaning business besides having all your tools in order. Sometimes I believe that the majority of work in this business is all in the back office. Creating and maintaining estimate forms, advertising in place and where it's most affective, employee training including health and safety and on and on.

At this stage in March (March 5th), I'd say everything is set to explode by April 1st. That's going to give a maximum of 3 weeks to prepare. Now is the time to make sure all your systems are in place, vehicle(s) are in good working order, customer mailers prepared and ready to send out.

As we go into the 2014 window cleaning season, we here at The Window Cleaning Store wish you all the success. And remember…stay safe.

The Management