Winter and the Canadian Window Cleaner November 13 2013

Well here it is, the middle of November and my thoughts are already on winter. As a window cleaner, the thought of winter can sometimes fill you with dread. Especially if you've settled for a 'residential only' window cleaning business setup. Hopefully you have saved your pennies throughout the year so that you can take it easy during the freeze!. Others will have built a decent size storefront route which can go on being maintained throughout the cold months with the help of additives such as methanol or winter windshield washer fluid to your mix.

But let's get back to talking about the residential window cleaner for a minute. Now like many out there, I hated cleaning windows in the cold and seeing that I was mostly a residential window cleaner for 6 years, I was often in the position to come up with creative ways to earn a living between December and March. Now I've done everything from snow removal to newspaper delivery (horrible decision) but one of the easiest add ons to my business was dryer vent cleaning. After some research I came across the Linteater Dryer Vent Cleaning System and was pleasantly surprised to find that this product had a 5 star rating on

Dryer vent cleaning service can be performed year round and is usually no more than a half hour to 45 min job. You simply connect the rod and brush kit to your existing cordless drill to snake your way through the vent system. You can either use the forced air from the dryer to blow out the loosened lint or connect a shopVac on the inside of the vent, behind the dryer.

So as you can see, with a low cost investment you can provide a valuable add on service or even start up a complete side business.

Certainly worth looking into don't you think?


Mark The Window Cleaner