The Clean Boot - Durable & Washable Boot/Shoe Covers


Perfect solution for contractors working inside homes. Keep yourself 'safety compliant' wearing your shoes and boots while working, using The Clean Boot so you keep the floors clean. Your customers will really appreciate it.


. Made from 100% neoprene and is safe for use on all surfaces
. Complies with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
. Patented Non-Slip Grip Sole gives extra grip for safety and traction on most work surfaces . Durable, lightweight, easy storage
. Unlike disposable boot or shoe covers, it is fully machine washable
. Has elastic stretchable opening that allows for easy boot insertion and quick removal
. It’s reusable durable fabric is easily cleaned
. Designed to fit snugly around shoes or boots
. It is made with lightweight, breathable fabric that's comfortable to wear
. Has double stitched and glued construction


Medium - Fits shoe/boot size 8-9

Large - Fits shoe/boot size 10-11

Extra Large - Fits shoe/boot size 12-15

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