ACME Jet Pack Window Cleaning Kit


The sky's the limit thanks to the new ACME Jet Pack Window Cleaning Kit

Want to take your window cleaning company to new heights? Well now you can and you'll have boat loads of fun in the process.

Benefits include:

  •  Never fearing to bid tall buildings again.
  •  Commute to work in minutes.
  •  Lightweight, only 20lbs (weight may vary if you actually put fuel into it).
  •  Impress your clients and anger your competition.
  •  Full FAA Approval (note: Fred's Approval Assurance is in no way affiliated with the Federal Aviation Administration)
  •  Throttle can be programmed for right or left hand operation. Brakes can't be programmed, it doesn't have any.
  •  Be the most impressive father/mother on 'Bring your parent to school day' as you show off your tools of the trade!
  •  Never get upset again when someone tells you "you missed a spot" as it's just another great excuse for you to take to the skies!


Note #1:  The ACME Jet Pack Window Cleaning Kit is currently being retooled. Thanks to results from our head product tester, Mitch Ryder...may he rest in pieces, we are no longer using the economy fuel gauges we found on eBay.

Note #2: Squeegee not included.

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