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New for 2024, the Little Giant water fed system is powered by V8 reverse osmosis technology. Very compact in size but packing a bigger punch (more water output) than traditional 3 stage systems. The design of the Little Giant makes sense for individuals who want to keep their water fed system in their vehicles. And because it's so compact, there should still be plenty of room for hose reels and more. Can be pulled around on a flat dolly if that better suits your needs.


  • Smallest RO/DI System on the market (24"w x 14"d x 21"h)
  • V8 tech RO membrane (high water output)
  • 10" Pre-filter blocks carbon and sediment
  • 10" x 4" refillable DI filter 
  • Built in meter reads both incoming and outgoing TDS levels
  • Built in gauge to measure incoming water pressure
  • Built in storage for filter wrenches
  • Can be used with a pump to reach higher than 4 stories or supply 2 poles
  • Weighs approx 60lbs
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty (covers parts or manufacturing defects, not the consumable filters)


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