Xero Max Flow 4040 RO Membrane


About the XERO Max Flow Membrane

When it comes to your water purification system, don't settle for just any replacement RO membrane - opt for the new and improved XERO Max Flow Membrane for a higher output!

Specifically designed to replace the existing 40-inch membrane in your pure water system, the Max Flow boasts increased water production capabilities even at lower incoming PSI levels. It outperforms previous versions such as the HF-5 and XE-1 by yielding higher water output. Compatible with XERO, Pure Water Power, and Tucker systems utilizing a 40-inch RO membrane, the XERO Max Flow Membrane ensures optimal performance for your purification needs.


  • 40-inch RO Membrane replacement
  • Increased water production
  • Ultra-low energy
  • Compatible with XERO, Hydrosphere (Eco Cart), and Tucker systems
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