Screen Magic Concentrate - Makes up 5 gallons of finished product



Screen Magic for less money? Everyone who loves Screen Magic would love it more if it cost less. Now it does!

Introducing Screen Magic Concentrate: Just add water and save.
Why is Screen Magic Concentrate so much less then Screen Magic? The largest distribution cost of Screen Magic is shipping. A five gallon jug of Screen Magic weights 46 LBS, which equates to higher shipping costs. Now, Screen Magic has developed a concentrate formula that costs much less to ship.

Pour the 1/2 gallon of Screen Magic Concentrate into a five gallon container, add water and save. Cost is now only $0.17 per average screen.

Screen Magic Concentrate is the same effective formula as the original Screen Magic. Screen Magic works on all types of screens: bug screens, sliding screen doors, and solar window screens of all different colours.

No Rubbing, no scrubbing, no rinsing with water
Note: Test Screen Magic on a small area first when used on screens with non-metal frames.

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