QuicK-LoQ Gooseneck Valve


 Easily turn the water on/off on your Gardiner pole.

  • Gardiner Gooseneck Valve with Twist Action - Patented Inner Valve Technology
  • "Control is not letting go" - Maintain full 'two-hand' control of the pole whilst controlling the water flow
  • Simple and fast twist to actuate action - Twist clockwise on the handle to open and twist anti-clockwise on the handle to close
  • Twist on at the top LH corner of the window and Twist off on the bottom RH corner
  • Adjustable Tension Control to allow for different brush sizes and pole heights
  • Maximum recommended pole height - 50ft
  • Maximum recommended water temperature 70°C
  • Can be operated with your hand for use on ground floor windows
  • Improves speed of water control compared to a manual valve
  • Also available as a cost option on our pole assemblies
  • Quick-LoQ® brush connection
  • No servicing needed - no O rings to grease or grub screws to adjust
  • Not compatible with Swivel Goosenecks or Gutter Scoops

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