Procision Trad - 12ft & 18ft - Carbon Fibre


The Procision Trad Poles are a new light weight and anti-spin design. The first pole in the North American market to feature anti-spin technology built inside the round tube sections. Other anti-spin designs on the market require changing the shape of the pole to have flat edges.

12ft and 18ft versions available now.


  • Internal Anti-Spin technology
  • Light weight, rigid carbon fibre material
  • Low profile clamp levers
  • Includes aluminum trad adapter and Unger locking cone tip
  • 12ft pole in 3 sections weighing only 1.5 pounds
  • 18ft pole in 4 sections weighing only 2.25 pounds
  • Can easily covert to a 1-2 story water fed pole.


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