Procision 2.0 - 30ft Waterfed Pole - SHIPS FREE


New 2023 edition of the Procision, ant-spin pole. Now available as a 30ft water fed pole. Pole sections must remain assembled to properly maintain anti-spin tech inside. Pole come complete with brush, angle adapter, 100ft of tubing and water hookup fittings.


  • Unique anti-spin technology
  • Full carbon fibre pole sections
  • Upgraded bolted on clamps
  • Rugged end cap with raised area for pole hose
  • Removable aluminum euro threaded pole tip
  • 10" Hybrid, 4 jetted water fed brush
  • 100ft pole tubing and water hookup fitting
  • Can be used as a traditional window cleaning pole
  • Free trad adapter and Unger locking cone tip

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