Controller 10 Amp (up to 2gpm) with Long Range Remote Control FOB


Spring Controller with Long Range Remote Control
Designed for 0.5 to 2gpm 12v pumps that draw up to 10 Amps of current

Pump Controllers, Extend Pump and Battery life and offer control over pump flow
Adding Remote Control offers on-off and flow control away from the pump

Set the flow you want on the controller, and Remote control,
Turn the Pump on and off from the remote

  • Long range radio remote control
  • Rugged remote control fob offere years of service
  • SmartPhone APP integration
  • Control your system from phone, fob or controller
  • Ready for demanding daily use
  • Extend the life of your resin resin cartridges
  • Control your water flow accurately, dependably
  • Advanced micro Dead End detection and retesting
  • Supplied with full wiring kit, fuses and fuse holders, and full instructions.

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