EZ Kleen Concrete & Mortar Removal Kit

$77.50 $85.80

Everything you need to get started removing concrete, mortar, stucco, etc off a variety of surfaces. Read and follow instructions closely.

Kit includes:

  • 3.78 L of EZ Kleen Concrete & Mortar Dissolver
  • 24 oz  spray bottle
  • 6" Ninja Scraper
  • 6 pack of 6" Plastic scraper blades
  • Big Red 1.5" pocket scraper
  • 20 pc pack of 2X safe scrape 1.5" plastic blades 

Safe to use on glass, tile, metal, vehicles, tools and more. Product comes ready to use. May also be effective in removing mineral deposits.


Wear gloves and eye protection. Flush surface to be cleaned with water and make sure work surface is cool. Spray on (or sponge on) concrete/stucco debris areas and keep saturated for several minutes. Do not let dry. Some debris may already come off within a few minutes with a brush or sponge but you may also use a plastic scraper or the edge of a credit card to remove bigger chunks. If plastic scraping, go in one motion only and clean plastic blade between passes. Depending on the concrete bond, you may need 20-30 minutes of dwell time.

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