Bare Brick, Stone & Masonry Graffiti Remover (1 Gallon & 5 Gallon)


An easy to apply remover for spraycan paints on bare brick, stone and masonry.  It has an incredibly consistent 98% success rate with one application. Use when painting over is not an option. Brush on or spray on with a pump sprayer and agitate with a brush. Used in conjunction with a small pressure washer or garden hose with sprayer nozzle.

Join thousands of other professionals world-wide that agree, this is the World's Best graffiti removal system on the market.

Available in 1 gallon jugs and 5 gallon containers. MSDS available upon request.

Coverage: It removes approximately 200 square feet per gallon
(of typical graffiti) on concrete, brick, block or masonry. Approximately 80 square feet per gallon on sandstone, limestone, or similar, and approximately 1000 square feet on smoother painted surfaces.

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