Maykker Products - 6" Handy Sleeve & Swivel T Bar Complete


The 6” Handy Sleeve with the Maykker T-Bar is the perfect versatile tool for professional window cleaners and janitors.

Because of the tight tubular fit, the pounds per square inch cleaning and scrubbing action is unequal to anything on the market.

Genuine Velcro sleeve holds many different materials such as microfiber cloths, towels, scrubs, bronze/steel wool pads and of course our Maykker RedDevil pads.

This tool is compact, easy to carry in a hip bag or hammer loop. Great in the hand or for pole work. Wether detailing glass, cleaning frames, cleaning decals, etc.  Drape a damp terry towel over your Handy Sleeve and you got yourself a great screen cleaner or even a floor mop.  The uses for this tool are endless. The more you use it, the more things you find to do with it.  It really is a “handy” tool that you won’t want to be without.  Most users report that after using the Handy Sleeve for a time, they become addicted to it and can’t live without it.  A great and versatile tool to have in your bag of tricks

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