Xero Gooseneck 2.0


Introducing the XERO Gooseneck 2.0, brought to you by XERO Products with a new and improved design! This state-of-the-art pole attachment is crafted to extend the reach of your water-fed pole, allowing you to access deep sills.


Crafted from both carbon fiber and quality steel, these XERO Goosenecks are durable and lightweight. The complete gooseneck is made up of three essential parts: a Gooseneck Elbow, a Gooseneck Extender, and a XERO Fast Lock Angle Adapter.

  1. The Gooseneck Elbow features a 45° bend specifically designed to position your Gooseneck Extender into the optimal angle for cleaning. It also helps to prevent your pole from bouncing off or scraping the side of a building. One end slides into the top of your pole while the other slides into the Gooseneck Extender. There is an anti-spin notch that keeps the Elbow facing the right direction.
  2. The Gooseneck Extender is the long bar that increases the reach of your pole. It features a bolt-on clamp on both sides: the top clamp accepts your Fast Lock Adapter or Pole Tip while the bottom clamp allows you to easily disconnect from the Gooseneck Elbow when you want to swap sizes. With five size options (12, 18, 24, 36, or 47 inches), you can select the perfect fit based on your window cleaning preferences.
  3. The XERO Fast Lock Angle Adapter attaches to the end of the Gooseneck Extender and lets you quickly switch out your brushes that utilize the Fast Lock system. The Angle of the Fast Lock can be adjusted so you have the ultimate flexibility for every job. 

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