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The XERO Pure X2 uses two RO membranes to produce more pure water, faster than before so two-man crews and high windows are no problem.

Limits the need for a booster pump in most cases.

The original XERO Pure produces .5 gallon of pure water per minute, but this system produces 1.5 gallons per minute! Some are reporting even *higher pure water production. (*depending on incoming source pressure).

It is made with quality materials including stainless steel housings and brass fittings. This on-demand pure water system can be used laying down or standing upright to take up minimal space in your shop and on your work truck. And only twenty pounds heavy than the original weighing in at a manageable 90 lbs.

The Xero Pure 2X is ideal for both residential and commercial window cleaning.

Made in the USA by IPC. 

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