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Manufactured in the USA by IPC, the Xero Pure is one of the most popular 3 stage filtration systems in North America.

Using the latest in ultra low pressure RO membrane technology, the Xero Pure outputs enough water to clean up to 3 stories (without a pump) or above using DI only or an additional booster pump. 

Many will find that their water output from the Xero Pure is below 10 ppm when using 'RO only' so they are able to clean without the use of the DI filter. Especially useful for solar panel cleaning.

Non proprietary filters swap-outs makes this a very affordable system to maintain over the years.

Comes With: The XERO Pure – Window Cleaners Water Purification System, Instruction manual, 50 Feet of high-quality hose, TDS meter, RO protect, Filter wrenches & lubrication packet, Lifetime support, The best warranty.

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