Gardiner Backpack


The Gardiner Pole Systems backpack - Version 3

The most popular and reliable backpack to date.

Backpack charging unit converted to North American voltage.

The perfect complement to an RODI Cart - ideal for access into awkward areas.

  • Larger Capacity - 5.8 Gallons - 22.75 litre maximum capacity 
  • (20 litres to measured line - 22.75 litres when full)
  • Molded Handle - more secure carrying
  • Pump & Controller - 12v powerful, quiet 60psi pump
  • Variable Flow rate 
1/10th of a Gallon to 6/10ths of a gallon per minute
0.35 liters per minute to 2.3 liter per minute
  • Long Lasting - up to 9 hours pumping from each charge
  • Voltage indicator gauge
  • Removable backpack straps
  • 1.5m flexible orange outlet hose - Fits Garden Hose Fittings

*Battery included

*Remove bottom panel only if battery does not work. It may disconnect during shipment. 

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