RHG Gutter Vac & Tucker Cleaning Pole


The Gutter-Pro Vacuum System is a versatile, powerful and easy to use machine.

RHG’s Gutter-Pro Vacuum permanently removes leaves, needles, dirt and debris collecting the litter in a large drum. It has large rear wheels allowing the machine to roll easily across lawns and over curbs. The Gutter-Pro Wand saves you from climbing on ladders and up roofs, therefore you can complete your job from the safety of the ground. These poles are constructed of lightweight aluminum and have easy-to-operate  clamps which require no tools. The features of the Gutter-Pro Vacuum and the Gutter-Pro Wand have been chosen specifically for the task of gutter cleaning. This gutter cleaning process creates no unwanted mess or water waste, reducing the amount spend on supplies and time spent on the job.



- The 17 gallon tank is rugged and will provide years of trouble free service

- Tipping Tank design makes emptying the machine easy

- Tangential inlet prevents clogging from large debris

- Polyester pleated cartridge filter protects the motors

- Equipped with 3 X 800 watt 120V motors

- Includes a 2" X 25' flexible vacuum hose with swivel cuffs

- Airflow is 295 CFM

- Water Lift is 87"

- Total weight of 45 lbs.


Wand Specifications:

- Constructed out of aircraft grade aluminum

- Breaks into 3 sections for easy transport

- 35' telescopic pole assembly (additional sections can be purchases for higher reach)

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